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Naked Cat


CHARACTER: 11 vol %, unsulfured & unfiltrated, ideal cloudiness, clear structure, in the colour a mat gold straw yellow, in the nose spicy harsh, though fresh, taste is creamy, soft, fine elegant carbonic acid



Funky Monkey

MANUFACTURING: 6 hours on the skins , fermented in a 45 years old 1000 l Mosel-Woodbarrel (it is called „Fuder“), long time on the yeast with stirring (similar to Sur Lie)

CHARAKTER: 11 Vol %, unsulfured & unfiltrated, yet clear bottled, clear structure,

challenging, yeasty, almost like a banana, nice acidity, mineralic, full-bodied

TOTAL QUANTITY 2021: 1300 bottles 

Funky Monkey rear shadow.png
Funky Monkey Front Shadow.png
Happy Birds front shadow.png

Happy Birds

MANUFACTURING: 8 hours on the skins, fermented in a steel tank, 6 months on the yeast with stirring (similar to Sur Lie), natural malolactic fermentation


CHARACTER: 11 Vol %, unsulfured & unfiltrated, yet clear bottled, clear structure, long storage on the yeasts, charming, exciting, smooth, varied


TOTAL QUANTITY 2021: 650 bottles


MANUFACTURING: 18 hours on the skins, 50% in steel tank, 50% in 225 l old Barriquebarrel fermented

CHARAKTER: 11 Vol %, sulfured & filtrated, very harmonious acidity-sweet-balance, through its fineness pleasant tender and flowery and yet its able to withstand strict tongues, fine, elegant, fruity, just yummy, tasty, self-confident

TOTAL QUANTITY 2021: 500 bottles

Matryoshka rear shadow.png
Matryoshka front shadow.png

Naked Cat

The vineyard is located in Briedel at the middle of the Mosel, where Jessikas grandparents established their winery. We took over the vineyard of Jessikas uncle, so it is already in the family for a long time. The grapes on a very sparse slate soil are about 55 years old, once planted by Jessikas grandparents. As the very steep vineyard shows to south east it is awakened very tender by the morning sun.

Trough our natural philosophy we give wild occurend plants and herbs the possibility to grow into their natural habit and within that we can activate and pamper our soil. Trough this we can offer a habitat for insects and useful little creatures that help us to inhibit insects that are harmful for our vine plants.

So who surprises a naked cat? Yes, unbelievable but true, in the summer 2021 week after week we had a unusual visitor with us. She used the blooming plants as camouflage for her hunt, the warmth of the slate to relax and if it was too hot she enjoyed the shadow oft the vines in order to avoid sunburn as she did not have a protective fur. This is why we called this vineyard NAKED CAT. NAKED CAT is our best vineyard and last year we decided to use the fine small amount of berries for our Petnat. Little spoiler: She came back this summer! So we are officialy allowed to call this vineyard Naked Cat again.

funky monkey

The must in our 1000 litres Mosel-Fuderwoodbarrel, which was given to us from a friendly colleague as a gift for the beginnings of our winery did a pretty funky show while fermentation. This show really amazed us at several moments. „Böckser“ made a dance of aromes during the fermentation.

And as Philipp is a crazy monkey, who spend his youth in the breakdance scene and gave dance lessons to other little dancing monkeys. Thats why we called the wine like this.


A FUNKY MONKEY recognizes his conspecifics because of their moves. This is the most challenging wine of us.

Happy Birds 

On the planned harvest day by the end of october 2021 the grapes weren’t at the ripening degree that we desired because of little sun and plenty of rain in this season. The weather of the last weeks just worked against our idea of golden ripe Riesling grapes shining trough the leaves. Then finally the weather forecast promised sunshine and cheerfulness for the weekend. Of course we didn’t want to miss that big chance and so we decided to grant some warmth to the grapes.

So we came back happy and excited to the vineyard three days later with our gathered harvest team with lovely weather on the back. As we got out of our cars we heard a happy singing out of the vineyards but it was not a human singing it were birds. The weather was so good that the animals also were in a good mood.  But then as we came closer to the vineyard we recognized that the birds organized a grape-all-you-can-eat-lunch without inviting us! Chirping birds rised out of our old grapes with their thick tummy. Of course they left some nice gold grapes behind but much less than the days before. This is the price you have to pay to nature from time to time. It seems as the healty birds nowadays also prefer eating biological grapes.

Actually we wanted to call it ANGRY BIRDS but it didn’t make any sense because the birds for sure weren’t angry rather they were happy. Just HAPPY BIRDS. Only Jessy and Philipp were angry. Just angry winemakers.


Every sip a new face like a MATRYOSHKA that you open and every time a new smaller doll comes out that has a different appearance. Philipps mom was born in Moscow so he has russian roots and we thought the name fits for our wine. Jessika wanted to vinify a light, fruity wine in a nice typical Mosel Riesling Kabinett style semi-dry. In this wine we really catched the differences of us. While Philipp prefers heavier wines from barrels, Jessika favors light wines. So we decided to split the must. Philipp filled his part in a wood barrel during Jessika filled the other half in a steel tank for fermentation. Then we mixed the two fermenting wines in different amounts in glasses and noticed how well they fitted. After some tastings we agreed for the ideal amount of sugar and mixed the two barrels back again. This was the best couple therapy in the world!

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