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Jessika Reis &
Philipp Musevi

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We both quit our office jobs 2018 and decided to work together as winemakers. Yes, out of the 7-5 job and do something else. We did our apprenticeship at Jessikas uncle to find out if this really was our way. And we soon found out that it was absolutely what we were looking for. Out of the office, back to nature, feel your senses again, move, breath fresh air and produce something you can really stand behind. Well, it wasn`t always romantic to work together every day, stand in the vineyard while it was 36 degrees and the sun is really burning. Then walk up the steep slope together again, hardly breathing and sweating, facing each other and saying: “Yes, that`s it. Let`s do it.” So we did.

In 2019 we parallel started our studies of winemaking at Hochschule Geisenheim University to have a high level of knowledge and to have a perfect combination of practical and theoretical knowledge of winemaking. We think this is the best prerequisite for producing natural wine with low intervention.


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