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Weine 2022 + Petnat 2023

The wine bottles and labels will receive some more updates in the next few weeks. But here you can see where the journey is going.

Berg auf Flasche.png


Riesling Trocken 2022

The vineyards from which Berg (which means mountain) is vinified are located on the edge of the vineyards next to small patches of forest. High up on the mountain we have slightly lower temperatures, but the warming rays of the evening sun can increase the extract values of the grapes there. In the fall, when the grapes are golden, juicy and ripe, we harvest these special vineyards.


PRODUCTION: Whole-cluster pressing, fermented spontaneously and 100% in stainless steel tanks, 10 months on the lees with yeast stirring, natural BSA

CHARACTER: 11% by volume, unfiltered, light yeast turbidity, clear structure, tropical fruit, creamy, finely balanced acidity, warm aromas

before: Happy Birds

Tal auf Flasche.png


Riesling Trocken 2022

Our wine Tal (which means Valley), which dances on the tongue with exciting and surprisingly fruity aromas, is fermented in old Moselle 1000-liter wooden barrels, the "Fuder barrels".

It is a tribute to our steep vineyards of the Moselle valley, which often challenge us but always reward us with great wines.


PRODUCTION: Whole-cluster pressing, spontaneously fermented in old 1000-liter Mosel barrel, 10 months on the lees with yeast stirring, natural BSA

CHARACTER: 11 vol %, unfiltered, bottled relatively clear, rich in facets, delicately fruity, full-bodied, calm, mature

before: Funky Monkey

Fluss auf Flasche.png


Riesling Trocken 2022

A new wine in our range is Fluss (which means River), a Riesling cuvée that unites all our vineyards. This wine combines the cool eastern, hot southern and western vineyards that shimmer in the evening sun.


PRODUCTION: spontaneously fermented, 3 different vineyard sites tasted after separate fermentation and own dynamics and created to this cuvée, 6 months full yeast storage with stirring of the yeast, natural BSA, 70% stainless steel, 30% tonneau

CHARACTER: 11 vol%, unfiltered, minimal yeast turbidity, very spicy and ripe, fresh acidity, intensely juicy

Strömung auf Flasche.png


Riesling Pétillant Naturel 2023

A beautiful bubbling experience. Our finely selected grapes form the basis for our Petnat Strömung (flow). Fine fruit and pure elegance. A Riesling as it should be. We harvested the grapes for this wine early to ensure a fresh acid structure.

The name of this wine is intended to reflect the gentle perlage when the bottle is opened. The fine beads of fermentation wind their way through the wine like a current. The delicate carbon dioxide flows calmly and steadily in the mouth, like a flowing river.


PRODUCTION: whole cluster pressing, fermented in stainless steel tanks with natural BSA, bottled during fermentation

CHARACTER: 11 vol %, minimal yeast turbidity, straight, elegant, fresh, mineral, minimalist

before: Naked Cat

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